Patrons to this time-honored Shanghai restaurant include many foreign leaders. Signature dishes include chewy Crystal Shrimps, sweet and salty Eight-Treasure Duck and glistening Guihua Cake. Housed in a quaint building, the restaurant affords charming vistas of the Nine-Curve Bridge and its surrounds.

Din Tai Fung (Yu Garden)

This spacious, elegantly furnished eatery has a very simple menu where steamed buns, sour and spicy soup and Dandan noodles, all of which are its signature creations, feature prominently. Patrons are mostly visitors from Taiwan China and foreign countries.

Nanxiang Mantou (Yuyuan Road)

This offshoot of Nanxiang Mantou (steamed buns) on Yuyuan Road attracts both the locals and visitors alike with its many flavorful offerings (Crab Powder Steamed Bun, Fresh Meat Steamed Bun, Crab Powder Dumplings) and attentive services.

Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse

Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse within Chenghuangmiao is an attraction in its own right. If you want to take the load off your feet while visiting Chenghuangmiao, you cannot go wrong with it. Tea goes well with dried beancurd, quail eggs and sticky rice in bamboo shoots, to name a few. Sip a cup of tea, with people going in both direction on Jiuqu Bridge (Nine-Curve Bridge), massive tree canopy and double eaves for company. You could be lost in thought.

Old Shanghai Teahouse

A narrow flight of elegant steps leads all the way to the spot strewn with teahouses. On the wall of Old Shanghai Teahouse hang big and small frames with valuable maps of old Shanghai published in different periods.


This purveyor of Shanghai cuisine is located close to Chenghuangmiao which is widely recognized as “The Root of Shanghai” and “The Birthplace of Shanghai Culture”. The restaurant’s minimalist trendy interior décor is typical of modern Shanghai flavor. Flower patterns on wallpaper as well as the retro music of old Shanghai transport patrons back in time. The alfresco balcony is good for a soothing break. Pork Braised in Red Sauce is the restaurant’s signature dish. Other delicacies include Shanghai Smoked Fish, Eggplant with Sauce and Zhulin Chicken. Good venue for business banquets and parties for loaded friends.

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