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  Glorious Return of Peace Hotel  
Standing at No.20 on the Bund along the bank of Huangpu River for almost one hundred years, Peace Hotel has witnessed the ups and downs of the famous oriental city and many legendary stories unfolded here.
This most upscale and lavish hotel, with its heyday in the twenties of the last century, inevitably started to show signs of wear and tear with passage of time. So, the deeply beloved landmark retreated to a thorough overhaul in July 2007. In the following three years, meticulous efforts have been made to restore its original and distinctive flavors. Among fervent and ebullient expectations, Fairmont Peace Hotel once again extended her welcoming arms to distinguished guests from around the world on July 28, 2010. Came back Peace Hotel with its elegancy, grandness and legendary!
Formerly known as Cathay Hotel, the mansion can trace its origin back to the beginning of 1920s as it was designed by Palmer & Turner Group and invested by Sir Victor Sassoon, an Anglo-Jewish tycoon. As the first high-rise of over ten floors back that time in Shanghai, Cathay Hotel had its maiden debut in August 1929. Meanwhile, it also gained a nickname as Sassoon Mansion as its owner also lived here. No doubt, Cathay Hotel can be credited as the earliest ancestor of Chinese hotels thanks to its time-honored history. Acclaimed as "Number One Mansion in the Far East", Cathay Hotel boasted luxurious suites of multiple styles featuring exquisite raw materials and unparalleled fine ornaments. Its roof top garden was hailed by foreigners familiar with the city as the most romantic place of Shanghai.

After renamed as Peace Hotel in 1956, the legendary hotel still won favors from guests around the world with super software and hardware facilities. Many celebrities and dignitaries chose to live in this hotel during their stay in Shanghai, adding more lust and glory to the Bund and the city.

Peace Hotel embraced a new opportunity in 2007 when Fairmont Hotels and Resorts offered to overhaul this time-honored landmark with handsome investment. In order to secure the Key Cultural Relic under the State-level Protection remaining its distinguished flavor intact, Shanghai Government made a specific directive as follows: "Peace Hotel must be restored to its original look, with all distinctive flavors kept well, which is the sole criterion for its overhaul." In addition, Shanghai Government rallied all resources from the nation to crystallize this goal. An expert panel under the leadership of was busy with conducting an evaluation for this overhaul project as assigned by Shanghai Government. State Administration of Cultural Heritage also hosted Expert Demonstration on Design Scheme for Architecture Repair and Environment Renovation of Sassoon Mansion (Peace Hotel) as well. What's more, all details of repair and decoration must go through examination of expert panel organized by cultural heritage authorities.
While Shanghai gained worldwide attention with its splendid Expo themed as "Better City, Better Life" in 2010, the unveiling of the reborn Peace Hotel in July of this year once again put the city into the spotlight.   
Comes back Peace Hotel with ebullient glory of regeneration!
As the first high-rise of typical Art Deco in Shanghai, Fairmont Peace Hotel emanates luxurious and aesthetic glamour. It features, among others, a copper-coated corrugated steeple, a granite façade wall standing at the height of 77 meters, white ivory marble floor imported from Italy, and Lalique crystalline glass embossment ornaments.     
The most eye-catching one, of course, is the 19-meter-height steeple. This pyramid-shaped emerald steeple laced with ochre edge is striking with flowing magnificence.
Yet generally, the mansion is characterized by its elegant and terse beauty. The granite-veneered façade is dominated by vertical lines, only with a few exceptions of geometrical ornament patterns sculpted around the cornice and waist line. A small balcony protruded from the façade at the height of the tenth floor adds a brisk air to the solemn and imposing mansion.
This time-honored hotel is proud of its long list of distinguished guests of statesmen, bankers, entrepreneurs, officials and stars well-known in the world, e.g. General G. Marshall, Charles Chaplin and George Bernard Shaw. Knight Noel Coward, the famous British writer also finished his most dazzling drama Private Lives in the then Room 314.
Located at the intersection of two walkways towards the lobby of Peace Hotel, the Octagonal Hall is an octagonal glass rotunda with a floor area of 1,600 square meters. With an ornamental engraving chandelier hung above from the ceiling, the hall highlights a vast yellow glass roof with sunshine softly cast onto the white ivory Italian marble floor. Silver-leaf-coated relievo carved along the four inner walls give a vivid portrayal of the charming Bund landscape.  
Just as its name suggests, Nine Nations Suites are decorated in typical household way of nine nations, namely Britain, America, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, India, Spain and China. Even since its appearance, they have enjoyed tremendous popularities among people far away from their motherland with home-like accommodation. With an effort to maintain its original flavors, the major inner structure of these suites gets unchanged and the old opulent furnishings are still in service after refitting. Chinese-favored suites will provide guests with both indulgence and comfort in a typical exquisite living setting of South China with chestnut-colored wall finish, octagonal tabernacle, moon-shaped gate, and rosewood rocking chair furnished. British-favored suites are noted for the Jacobin decoration style and furniture, a delicate lifestyle favored by British gentlemen.
Just as in its glorious past, Peach Hall still serves as banqueting hall of the hotel today. With renovation efforts focused on protection and repair, the refurbished Peace Hall will bring you back to the romance of old Shanghai. Natural light infiltrated through the side window of the spacious hall are glittering on the famed sprung-timber dance floor.
Providing guests a combination of hotel and museum seems somewhat an impossible mission for most of its counterparts, yet, Peace Hotel did it thanks to its rich culture and long history. Sits on the first floor, Peace Gallery is a place where you can find intriguing stories and precious collections of the time-honored hotel. Nothing will be missed in the museum from the old silver ware, porcelain, art decoration and menus once used in the hotel, to photos, postcards, anecdotes concerned with it.
A group of seniors have witnessed the vicissitudes of Shanghai City along with Peace Hotel. They are band members of the renowned Old Jazz Bar. Now, rallying again in the reinvigorated Peace Hotel, these veteran musicians will bring back the familiar melody of jazz. Come here every night from 19:30-21:30, you will get intoxicated by those old songs and euphoria tune of saxophone. 
As a rare and extraordinary glass artwork, Lalique crystal glass came into vogue across the world especially in Europe last century. Back then, Peace Hotel went out of its way to procure specially-tailored crystal glass embossment ornaments from French Lalique crystal glass workshop in the twenties of the last century. Now, these refurnished artwork shines with even more dazzling glare than before.
Along with extravagant investment, Sir Victor Sassoon, the flamboyant creator and the earliest owner of Peace Hotel, has also put the emblems of Sassoon Family into the mansion. The ubiquitous emblems of cute Greyhound puppy were visible everywhere from roof to elevator. Now, you can still come across them in places like lobby and door lintel. 
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