Dianshan Lake

The 62-square-kilometer lake has earned its reputation as “Lake Geneva of the East”. Bordering on the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, it is part of the Taihu Lake system.

A 107-hectare tourist-centric zone, which is home to myriad attractions, is divided by a road into two sections. The east section is best remembered for its natural attractions – a 380-meter-long embankment spiced up by willow trees and flowers affords the most rewarding viewing of the vast expanse of water. The showpiece of the west section is a mock-ancient, flagstone-paved street where you can take the load off your feet after bumming around. The street, called “Shi Cheng Gu Feng”, is looked over by a 47-meter-high, 7-story majestic pagoda which is both a holy site of Buddhist worship and a facility for making water available to higher places. For leisure-seekers, Riyue Dao (Sun and Moon Island) offers a soothing escape from the urban whirlwind lifestyle. Imagine yourself taking in the charming vistas with the chorus of birds and frogs for company. A 4,000-square-mete-plus pond is strewn with lotuses in summer, against the even more dazzling background of a much larger body of water. Gardens peek out from the greenery, tempting you to lead a life in a secluded world. For business people, Taiyang Dao (Sun Island), a state-class tourist resort, is a great choice. Its 13,000-square-meter international club boasts a well-appointed international conference center, a business center, a wide selection of leisure options and hundreds of villas. The largest water sports training site of the Far East is a great venue for boat races.

Unique local foods and products:
Fried soybeans, rice dumplings, candied lotus roots, Zhuangyuan cakes, Zhao’s Family dried tofu, fish/ shrimp/crab products, straw crafts, aquatic vegetables, strawberries, corn products, duck products

  • West of Qingpu County, 50 kilometers from downtown Shanghai

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