Haiwan National Forest Park

Haiwan National Forest Park is located about 60km from the city center in Shanghai's Fengxian District within the May Fourth Farm. It is a large scale man-made urban forest which focusses on the production of saplings, tourism and sightseeing, scientific research, and education.

The park covers an area of over 1065 hectares and is home to 4 million trees of around 350 species. It is a man-made near-natural forest created based on the idea of modelling a natural forest. Based on the topography, location, and flowing seasons, trees, plants, and fruit bearing trees were mixed together, with colorful trees dotted throughout the sea of green leaves to create an urban forest ecology with spectacular scenery.

  • Suitanghe Road (Near 54 Farm) Fengxian District
  • 021-57160468
  • Bus routes: Haiwan Line 3 bus

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