Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

Shanghai's Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street sets an exemplary model for Asia's shopping scene. It's positioned for the middle-end and high-end brands and is visited by both the locals and visitors alike.

The "Big Four" are can't-misses: the Shanghai No. 1 Department Store, Yong An Company, Shanghai Fashion Company, and the Shanghai First Food Chain Development Company. The well-established Shanghai No. 1 Department Store stands right where Tibet Middle and Nanjing East Road converge. In its previous incarnation as Daxin Company before 1949, the department store was the moust illustrious building on Nanjing East Road. Although today it's no longer a symbol of chic and trends, it's still paradigmatic of Shanghai's commercial culture.

It's quite an experience to cruise through this 1200-meter pedestrian street paved with colored bricks and stones, with pedestrian traffic flowing irresistably and sightseeing trains trundling through small stalls and boutique shops. This is one of the best places where one can savor up Shanghai's signature modern metropolitan style, with the rickshaws, incense shops, and classic cigarette ads being a thing of past.

Stroll eastwards from Henan Road to Shanghai's most celebrated attraction: The Bund. You feel you are no longer in the 21st century and are transported back in time; you feel you landed in Charles Dickens' London seen only in photos. Narrow streets, tall buildings, grey walls, high ceilings, pointed roofs - everything has a story to tell. In the glow of the setting sun, the Bund exudes the unique charms of the 30's and 40's of the last century.

  • East Nanjing Road
  • Nanjing East Road Station, Subway Line 2/10

People Grand Theater

Dramas, operas, musicals and ballets by both Chinese and foreign ensembles are staged in this well-appointed theater that can seat 1006 spectators. The main stage measures 255 square meters in area, while the auxiliary stage, 200 square meters. The venue also contains various supporting facilities, like a hall dedicated to the display of oils, a café, a ticketing hall, a hall for art books and materials, a Chinese restaurant, five lounges (including 2 VIP lounges), and an underground parking lot that can park nearly 130 vehicles.


Shanghai Landmark Department Store

Shanghai Landmark Department Store was established by Mainland China and Hong Kong investors in 1997. Trendy items are scattered on its 10 floors (including 2 underground floors) which offer a total area of 25,000 square meters.


Shanghai No1 Department Store (East Nanjing Road)

The southern building which used to house Daxin Company created in 1936 is an architectural masterpiece which was placed under the protection of the local government in 1989. In December 2007, the No. 1 Department Store housed in a new building north of the original one was opened to the public. The old and new buildings together offer a total floor area of over 70,000 square meters, making No. 1 Department Store a destination of choice for shopping, leisure and dining.


Shen Da Cheng Restaurant

This famous purveyor of dianxin has been around for 125 years since its opening in 1875 when China was ruled by the Qing court. With its various mouthwatering creations, it is widely acclaimed as the “King of Dianxin in Shanghai”.


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