Hengshan Road-Fuxing Road Historic Area

The Hengshan Road-Fuxing Road Historic Area covers an area of 775 hectares within the city's Inner Ring Road across the four districts of Xuhui, Luwan, Jing'an, and Changning. The area is characterized by its various types of gardens and residential buildings, and has 223 protected historical and cultural sites and pieces of outstanding historical architecture.

Protected Area
Eastern Boundary: Middle Chongqing Road-South Chongqing Road-Taicang Road-South Huangpi Road-Hefei Road-South Chongqing Road

Southern Boundary: Middle Jianguo Road-West Jianguo Road-Jiashan Road-Zhaojiabang Road

Western Boundary: Tianping Road-Guangyuan Road-Huashan Road-Jiangsu Road

Northern Boundary: East Zhaohua Road-Caojiayan Road-East Zhaohua Road-Zhenning Road-West Yan'an Road-Middle Yan'an Road-South Shanxi Road-Changle Road

Scenic Routes
Hengshan Road, Yuqing Road, Wukang Road, Wuyuan Road, Changshu Road, Yanqing Road, Xinle Road, South Shanxi Road, Middle Fuxing Road, Baoqing Road, Hengshan Road, Chengle Road, Middle Huaihai Road, Sinan Road

Notable Architecture

72 Xingguo Road (Xingguo Villa Garden, Radison Blu Plaza Xingguo Hotel No. 1 Building), Cité Bourgogne, Moller Villa, Former French Club Le Cercle Francais Sportif (Shanghai Science Hall), Shannan Village Longtang Neighborhood

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