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2017 Spring Festival
Know Your Spring Festival in Shanghai
There's a lot to see and do while the whole country is celebrating the most joyous festival in a year. There could be oppressive crowds everywhere. But do not feel deterred. There are places, foods and activities that can truly spice up your 2017 Spring Festival days in Shanghai.
Guyi Garden
Add: 218 Huyi Road, Jiading District
Dating from the 16th century and spanning an area of 10 hectares, it's the most time-honored and celebrated of Shanghai's five classic gardens. Located in the town of Nanxiang 21 kilometers from downtown Shanghai, it could be a great Spring Festival destination. Expect an eyeful of lantern constellations in all the six beautiful attractions. Get ready to push your way through the milling crowd.
Ancient Town of Fengjing
Add: 18, Nong 8588, Tingfeng Road, Fengjing, Jinshan District
It's a satellite town and an iconic community of Shanghai proper. For those who are into the off-the-beaten-path pursuits, this typical southern China town really hits the spot. Small fishing boats are cruising on waterways with graceful arching bridges above and boatmen onboard crooning lovely songs. An outdoor museum of classic Chinese bridges, Fengjing has on display 52 ancient bridges, of which the Yuan dynasty's Zhihe Bridge is nearly 700 years old. During the Spring Festival, the town will be spiced up by red lanterns, red Chinese couplets, traditional paper cuts on windows – the vibe is just right for cultural immersion.
Daguanyan (Grand View Garden)
Add: 701 Jinshang Road, Qingpu District
This well-designed, massive theme park based on what's described in Dream of Red Mansion, one of China's four greatest literature classics, contains upwards of 20 interesting attractions. Ancient trees loom above imposing and elegant buildings – good for those looking for a combination of the regality of Chinese royal gardens and the subtleties typical of southern Chinese gardens.
Babaoya (Eight-Treasure Duck)
Shanghai Laofandian (Shanghai Old Restaurant): 242 Fuyou Road
Eight treasures? It's a generic expression that symbolizes bumper harvest, fortune and happiness. Just the name is a perfect hint of how rich the ingenious Chinese culinary creation tastes. Dig into the belly of the duck. Ham, the most important ingredient, is put into the duck belly together with other materials like glutinous rice, mushrooms and beans. Then the whole duck is braised in rich soy sauce. It's a typical Spring Festival dish for all ages offered in Shanghai's most visited eating establishments, but the best Babaoya is cooked by Shanghai Old Restaurant in Chenghuangmiao.
Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)
Qibao Old Street Tangyuan Restaurant: 26 South Street, Qibao,Minhang District
Wangjiasha Pastry Shop: 805 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an Distrct
Glutinous rice flour is mixed with a small amount of water to form balls cooked and served in boiling water. Tangyuan is traditionally eaten during Yuanxiao or the Lantern Festival, but also served on any occasions such as family reunion. Top kitchens offering great Tangyuan include, among others, Qibao Old Street Tangyuan Restaurant, Wangjiasha Pastry Shop.
Chunjuan (Spring Rolls)
Qiaojiashan (Haichao Road): 162 Haichao Road, Huangpu District
In Chinese cuisine, spring rolls are savory rolls with cabbage and other vegetable fillings inside a wrapped cylinder-shaped thin pastry. They are fried to a savory crisp and usually eaten during the Spring Festival in Mainland China. In Shanghai, time-honored kitchens which cook excellent spring rolls include Qiaojiashan and Xiandelai. If you prefer DIY-ing spring rolls, you can buy wrappings, but long crowds tend to form at stores.
Niangao (Chinese New Year Cake)
Xianlaide Ribs and Niangao (Yandang): 9 Yandang Road, Huangpu District
The glutinous rice cake can be eaten all year round, but traditionally it is most popular during Chinese New Year. In Chinese language, it's a homonym for "higher year" – Nian is identical in sound to the Chinese character which means "year", while "Gao" is identical in sound to the Chinese character which means "high", and as a whole Niangao means "you go higher and higher year by year" or "you become more and more successful". Niangao can be fried with sliced meat, crabs, ribs and seafood…it's soft, stick and flavorful. In Shanghai, Xianlaide's dish which features ribs cooked with Niangao is the best.
"GHOST the Musical", Britain
"Ghost the Musical" is a musical with book and lyrics by Bruce Joel Rubin and music and lyrics by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard, and was directed by Tony Award-winning director Matthew Warchus. In 2011, it had a world premiere try-out in Manchester and then staged in London. In 2012, it toured 11 countries and regions. By now, it has had nearly 2500 performances around the world, including that in Broadway.
Venue: Shanghai Culture Square Theatre
Tickets: 280-980 yuan
The Light of Time - Hu Jieming - Memory Puzzle
"Time" has been a theme for the creations of Hu Jieming. As one of the avant-garde artists in the field of China's digital media and media installations, Hu has been relentlessly searching for timeless values and touching essence using a wide range of media and exploring the historic and futuristic aspects of lands and cities through abiding memories.
Venue: 99 Fucheng Road, Lujiazui, Pudong New Area
Tickets: 20 yuan
"The Spring Festival Overture":
The World Classics Shanghai Spring Symphony Concert
Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center- Opera House
Tickets: 108-612 yuan
1. The Spring Festival Overture
2. Dance of the Yao
3. The Nutcracker Suite
  a) Arabian Dance
  b) Waltz of the Flowers
4. At the Hunt
5. Lightning Polka
6. Für Elise
7. The "Swan Lake" Suite
   a) Scene
   b) Four Little Swans
   c) Napolitaine Waltz
   d) Spanish Dance
   e) Op.34No.3
8. Light Cavalry
9. The Voice of Spring Waltz
10. The Blue Danube
11. Turkischer Marsch, piano solo by Wang Liwen
12. Years of Passion
13. Good News Spreading from Beijing to Remote Villages
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