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At one with nature in Chongming

Pristine environment, fresh air, genial climate and wonderful sceneries as well as a whole myriad of historical sites make Chongming Island an optimal destination for leisure seekers, vacationers and event organizers.

As our society moves forward, striking the balance between environmental protection and economic growth has come to the fore. Kudos to Chongming, which is an oasis of calm close to a city where over 10 million people reside! Since the Yangtze River tunnel was put into service, the island has become much more easily accessible and a well-developed network of traveler-friendly facilities has been in place. There's a lot to do and see there – collecting strawberries, cycling, watching birds, experiencing RV life – visiting Chongming is not only associated with rustic farmstead stay, but also an in thing to do for city slickers of Shanghai. Now, are you ready for a tonic trip there?

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Located at the estuary of Yangtze River, Chongming is China's third largest island and the world's biggest alluvial island. It dates back to dynastic China's Tang period (618-907) – it first jutted out of water in 618 when the first emperor of the Tang court ascended the throne. In 696, fishermen of six family names came to inhabit the place. During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907-960), the island became a town in an administrative sense.

Dongping National Forest Park

The national forest park in the middle of Chongming Island is east China's largest artificial woodland. Lush vegetation makes it great for fresh air fiends.

  • Add: 2288, Beiyan Road
  • Type: Natural attraction
  • Hours: 08:30-16:30
  • Tel: 021-59338028
  • Admissions: RMB 70/person

Mingzhu Lake Park

The largest natural freshwater lake nestled in the southwestern part of Chongming Island measures over 20,000 square kilometers. It used to be a deep port on Yangtzer River's trunk waterway but now has been turned into an ecological park after its 1970s revamp.

  • Add: 333 Sanhua Road, Sanxing
  • Type: Natural attraction
  • Hours: 08:30-16:00
  • Tel: 021-59603888
  • Admissions: RMB 45/person

Dongtan Wetland Park


The wetland abutting an eponymous bird nature reserve is China's only of the kind immediately adjacent to an avian habitat. Breathtaking sceneries, fresh air and clean water make it an important pit stop for migratory birds and an important habitat for the wild population of Yangtze crocodiles which have been listed as the Class I protected species by the state.

  • Add: Dongwang Road, Chengjiazhen
  • Type: Natural attraction
  • Hours: 09:00-17:00
  • Tel: 021-39367000
  • Admissions: RMB 80/person

Chongming Xuegong

(Chongming Museum)

One of the three well-preserved Confucius temples in Shanghai (with the other two being Shanghai Wenmiao and Jiading Kongmiao), Chongming Xuegong used to be the place of Confucius worship and government-organized academic learning programs. Now the museum houses a number of halls devoted to Chongming Island's history, folklore and culture. Exhibitions are held on a temporary basis.

  • Add: 696 Aoshan Road
  • Type: Historical site
  • Hours: 08:30-16:30
  • Tel: 021-69696501
  • Admissions: RMB 10/person

Xisha National Wetland Park

These typical natural tidal flats at the estuary of Yangtze River are the only plot of boggy land with natural tides and groves. The "National Geology Park" monument that stands here is designed to look like the number "17" to imply that the park boasts 17 categories of typical geological sites, treating visitors to Mother Nature's works of art on the world's largest alluvial island.

  • Add: 588 Luhu Village, Luhuazhen
  • Type: Natural attraction
  • Hours: 08:30-16:00
  • Tel: 021-39633635
  • Admissions: Free

Folklore and nature-centric activities abound on Chongming Island throughout the year. Spring outing, summer harvesting, autumn food carnival and winter bird watch – each season promises novel experiences.

Chongming Ecological Strawberries Cultural Tourism Festival

What to do and see?
  • Harvest your own strawberries.
  • Sample different varieties of fresh strawberries and extract and taste strawberry juices.
  • Watch an exhibition on strawberry culture or strawberry/vegetables cultivation in pots. If you are a plant cultivation enthusiast, turn to experts on the ground for help.
  • Watch an exhibition on innovative strawberry products.
  • Please your taste buds with Chongming's authentic flavorful foods.

Dongtan Wetland Rape Flowers Festival


What to do and see?
  • During the festival, you can fly your own kite or buy a kite to fly with vast expanses of rape flowers for company.
  • Cycle on the path that winds its way through the wetland overgrown with reeds. Throw a barbecue party with your friends in the wild to fortify yourself. It's an experience you won't easily forget.

Chongming Island Cycling Carnival

What to do and see?
  • You can watch cycling stunts and participate in slow cycling or fast cycling competition.
  • Feed your face with the distinctive lil' eats of Shanghai and Chongming

Dongtan Wetland Park Camping Festival

What to do and see?
  • Throw a barbecue party with your friends and chomp on Chongming's yummy foods
  • Go onto a guided tour of the zone where Yangtze crocodiles live and have a close encounter with the animals.
  • Have a leisurely stroll under a broad, star-studded sky or watch an old film at night; gorge yourself on the gorgeous sunrise in the morning.

Chongming Forest Tourism Festival

What to do and see?
  • Munch on "green" foods at Mingzhu Lake Fresh Fish Festival and Baishanyang Cultural Tourism Festival.
  • Camp and barbecue at the Forest Music Barbecue and Camping Festival.
  • Join the masquerade and watch the micro-film competition on touring car life.
  • Release your inner competitor at Mingzhu Lake Fishing Competition, Mingzhu Lake Healthy Jogging and Grasshoppers Competition.
  • Get culturally immersed at the Confucius Cultural Festival, Zaohua Art Festival or Niupenggang Artistic Colored Cows Festival.
  • Fly your beautiful kite at the Kite Cultural Festival.

Dongtan Wetland Bird Watch Festival

What to do and see?
  • Cycle around, watch birds and do paintings and engage yourself in other DIY activities.
  • Participate in the "Image Dongtan" Photography Contest.
  • Participate in the on-site painting contest.
  • Be one of the volunteers for environmental protection.

Chongming Island, acclaimed as the "Gem on the East Sea", is Shanghai's largest bird watch spot, an untarnished land on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean. It goes a way towards holding meetings and events, imparting a distinctive "flavor" to teambuilding programs.

Hyatt Regency Chongming Shanghai

The 235-guestroom hotel in the eastern part of Chongming Island impresses with its innovative meeting service concept "Hyatt Campus" which is intended to break out of the box and inspire new ideas and help meetings achieve their desired goals better. The 1440sqm Hyatt Campus on the first floor of the hotel offers an auditorium that can accommodate 210 spectators and 3 multifunctional classrooms that range from 47sqm to 150sqm in size. Natural brick walls, wooden desks, typical university chairs and the familiar formulas and design drawings hanging on walls are a throwback to your long-gone campus life. A familiar tug-at-your-heartstrings atmosphere pervades in the whole place.

  • Add: Nong 799, Lanhai Road, Chenjiazhen
  • Tel: 021-67031234

Mingzhu Lake Ecological Services Center

This holiday resort boasts 3 standalone, elegantly adorned high-end villas, with the main building offering 25 well-appointed guestrooms. The Center has 7 deluxe suites, a lounge and a restaurant that can accommodate around 200 diners and cook distinctive Chongming dishes. Its Mingzhu Lake fish banquet never ceases to tempt fish freaks. Its 4 meeting rooms, big and small, can accommodate 200 meeting participants.

  • Add: Sanhua Road
  • Tel: 021-39633808

Yi Qin Yuan

This high-end holiday resort in the middle of Chongming Island offers guestrooms, restaurants, meeting facilities and recreational activities. With its lush vegetation, placid ponds and soothing ambience, the resort is great for those looking for an escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Its "Forest Vigor" program introduced in 2015 offers a wide range of activities – you can take a leisurely stroll in the forests, practice yoga, engage in meditation, cycle around or drink tea in the traditional Chinese way. The program will bring novel experiences to meeting participants.

  • Add: 2089 Beiyan Road
  • Reservation: 021-59338811

Xinchong Hotel

The first 4-star property on Chongming Island ideally located in the CBD offers 250 digitally controlled guestrooms and Chinese and western restaurants with 9 elegant and comfy private dining rooms. Six meeting rooms of different sizes and 10 deluxe games rooms meet the needs of business and leisure guests. Comfortable environment and professional services make the hotel an ideal location for business, leisure and meetings.

  • Add: 777 Gulangyu Road, Chengqiaozhen
  • Tel: 021-59695969

Mahota Farm

This stellar self-sustained farm cultivates in different seasons a variety of crop plants using Mahota-specific agricultural techniques and home-made fertilizers, offering healthy vegetables and fruits to the natural food-inclined. This is a place suitable for team-building programs and leisure activities, a clean and fresh natural respite from the urban whirlwind life.

  • Add: Beiqiyao Modern Agriculture Development Zone
  • Hotline:   021-54893357 / 021-39666039
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