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"Jade Shanghai", a Chinese Haipai (Shanghai Style) show, started to be served up at Yu Garden from October 16, 2014.

The show is a joint effort of Yu Shanghai Restaurant and The Moon band. The Moon, an old hand at Chinese traditional music pieces, will treat the audience to an East-Meets-West crossover creation that will have the crowd on its feet.

With its music, dancing and gourmet foods, "Jade Shanghai" will be Shanghai's new night entertainment attracting a large contingent of the city's glitterati.

Xin Zhi Yu

(Language from the heart)

A moonlit night is the time for pining for the loved one.

The boundless sky and endless earth may pass away,

But this vow unfulfilled will be regretted for aye.

This is a duo of Erhu and Pipa, which symbolizes that two persons pine for each other. It's like a dialogue that drips with emotions.

The Heart of Pipa


A young lady in old Shanghai's Shikumen building is alone on a snowy night, a glass of fine wine in her hand. What is in her mind?

Jin Zhi Yu Ye

(Golden Branches and Jade Leaves)

This piece of funk style features many modern pop music elements. Chinese traditional musical instruments are used to do justice to jazz. This solo-heavy piece impresses the audience with performers playing by ear.


Kylin is a beast in Chinese mythology that is believed to be capable of bringing good luck and happiness.

"Kylin" is a piece coming across as grand and mystery-shrouded. The tunes of Pipa run throughout the whole piece. The sounds of flute and Xiao give the piece a sacred edge. The sounds of Guanzi and the voiceover contribute to the mystique of the whole piece. Be prepared to get into a world of surreal music.

High Moon

This Pipa solo is a poetic depiction of a night with the moon hanging in the sky. Graceful and beautiful music notes seem to be jumping out from the hazy moonlight, conjuring up an intoxicating picture of moonlight.

The piece represents a bold, new-fangled rendition of the original, and is new creation of rock n' roll style.

The duo of Erhu and Suona is a refreshing change from the traditional rendition, while Pipa and Xun take the audience back to the ancient times.

The Moon is a crossover music band created by a bunch of young music fiends in 2003. While going for classic numbers with their classic Chinese musical instruments, they have been trying to imbue Chinese traditional elements from the likes of Chinese Kunqu and Peking Opera with the distinctive music elements of the world, playing Chinese and foreign classic tunes, jazz and world music genres. Therefore, the original music in a class of its own created by The Moon based on this crossover gives classic music a modern twist, and it is those youngsters who take the credit for it. The Moon has played many gigs in domestic and international theaters, and has been repeatedly invited to perform in commercial activities organized by international brands.

The tunes of Chinese musical instruments - Pipa, Erhu, Flute, Guanzi, Suona –are associated with different adjectives and different human emotions - plaintive ethereal, dismal and vast. With these tunes and faintly heard humming, the Moon has bestowed upon us definitely the type of music that lives for the trance – once it traps you, you are caught, and then there's no turning back.

  • Venue: 3rd Floor, Yuebin Restaurant, 69 Jiuxiaochang Road, Yu Garden, Shanghai
  • Time & date: 19:15-20:15, Every Wednesday and Friday
  • Price A: RMB 298 (including a ticket and a meal)
  • Schedule: 18:15 - 19:15, dinner; 19:15-20:15, music show
  • Price B: RMB 198 (including a ticket and a drink)
  • Schedule: 19:00entrance; 19:15 -20:15, music show
  • Website: www.jadeshanghai.com

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