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Jiading is a picture-perfect, famous cultural town northwest of Shanghai proper. The town's name, which is the same as the regnal title of an emperor of the 12th century Southern Song dynasty, means "land of peace and stability". Today, Jiading is Shanghai's epicenter of technology and automobile-related projects. Here, tradition and modernity meet, imbuing the town with unique charms.

Every April, the world's top F1 players will come to Jiading for electrifying and riveting races at Shanghai International Circuit, treating Chinese audience to world-class competitions and making Jiading the center of the world's attention.

FIA World Endurance Championship, Ferrari Fiesta, World Touring Car Championship ...competitions abound in a year, drawing players and spectators alike for the excitement and culture.

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Events Dates Venues

Shanghai Road Cycling Race

March 29

Yuanxiang Lake, Jiading New City

Sports Events at Shanghai  International Circuit in Spring and Summer

F1 Chinese Grand Prix

April 18-April 20

Shanghai International Circuit

China Touring Car Championship

May 23 - May 25

Ferrari Carnival

June 6-June 8

China Touring Car Championship

June 13 - June 15

2014 Shanghai Bicycle League Matches

May, June, September, October

Shanghai Auto Expo Park

2014 Shanghai International Auto City Spring Triathlon


Sports Events at Shanghai International Circuit in Autumn & Winter

SIC Club Challenge & One Foundation Celebrity Race

September 19 - September 21

Shanghai International Circuit

World Touring Car Championship & China Touring Car Championship


October 10 - October 12

Sports Car Champion Festival

October 17 - October 19

FIA World Endurance Championship

October 31 - November 2

2014 Shanghai International Auto City Autumn Triathlon


Shanghai Auto Expo Park

Yangtze River Delta Dragon Boat Race

Yuanxiang Lake, Jiading New City

During Shanghai Auto Culture Festival, enthusiasts are drawn to the roar of engines at F1 Chinese Grand Prix as well as the attractions of Jiading. The 2014 Shanghai Auto Culture Festival will be another extravaganza which features four themed sections: races, tour and leisure, culture and art, and Jiading business promotion.
Date: April 18 - April 30
Venue: Shanghai International Circuit


F1 Chinese Grand Prix

It's part of the Formula One World Championship organized by FIA and held every year in April at Shanghai International Circuit.
Date: April 18 -20
Venue: Shanghai International Circuit

Shanghai International Circuit Spring/Summer Races

The races, organized by Shanghai Automobile & Motor Sports Association, include China Touring Car Championship, Ferrari Fiesta and China Touring Car Championship.
Date: May-June
Venue: Shanghai International Circuit

Tour and Leisure

2014 China Self-Driving Tour Conference and Anting Self-Driving Forum

It will bring together professionals from various fields like auto, travel, internet, investment, media and entertainment who will share insights into the latest trends of the self-driving tour industry.
Date: March 21
Venue: Theater at Shanghai Theater Academy

F1 Fiesta at Shuijing Palaza

During the F1 race, at the Shuijing Plaza, visitors can experience new energy vehicles, shop around for "Watch Races, Tour Jiading" tourism products, watch vintage cars and touring cars and appreciate novel auto ads. "Tourism Food World" offers Jiading's traditional fare for culinary adventure seekers
Date: April 18 -20
Venue: Shuijing Plaza

Culture and Art

Chinese Auto Ads Carnival

The 2014 Chinese Auto Ads Carnival will feature an exhibition of auto ads, auto ads awards presenting ceremony and auto media salon. It's meant to present the most recognized auto ads event in China.
Date: April 18 - April 28
Venue: Shanghai International Auto City, Anting

Auto Stereo Festival

Stereo is one of the features that reflect driving enthusiasts' personalized pursuits. As one of the activities of the Auto Culture Festival, the Auto Stereo Festival will feature car stereo products display and car stereo conversion contest, giving visitors an oh-so-cool experience.
Date: April
Venue: Atrium at Jiatinghui Urban Life Plaza

FM100.3 for F1

On the final day of the F1 race, Jiading People's Broadcasting Station will keep enthusiasts and travelers up to speed on the latest developments of the F1 race and the Auto Culture Festival and offer guidance on traffic conditions. Listeners will also be invited to participate in quizzes to win prizes.
Date: April 20
Frequency: FM100.3

"Classic Shanghai, Elegant Jiading": Travel Photography Invitation

Photography enthusiasts are invited to contribute their photos about classic Shanghai and elegant Jiading.
Date: Until October 31
Photos must be taken in Jiading District.

Jiading Business Promotion

During this year's Auto Culture Festival, the Jiading District government and relevant sectors will organize tours of Jiading by professionals from different fields in order to give the invitees an opportunity to experience Jiading's various resources and enhance Jiading's popularity. Activities include "DATAI Jiading Day", "Anting - Shanghai International Auto City Entrepreneurs Party" and MICE salon.

Past and Present

Today, a big lake and a vast tract of forest provide a dazzling backdrop for Jiading New City and Shanghai Auto City. Here, the past and present are woven together.

Itinerary 1: Jiading Zhouqiao - Jiading New City - Shanghai International Circuit (F1 Chinese Grand Prix)

Stroll through the quaint Zhouqiao area where 800-year-old Fahua Pagoda stands and through Jiading New City for a true taste of how modern life and speed play out.

Itinerary 2: Yakult plant - Totole plant - Volkswagen - Auto Museum

Jiading offers very unique industrial tourism options. Walk through production sites of Yakult, Totole and Volkswagen for eye-opening insights into how modern industries are shaping our life.


Confucius Temple, Buddhist temples, church, Old City God's Temple – Jiading is a cross-pollination of different ideas and an eclectic mix of eastern and western cultures.

Itinerary 1: Guyi Park - Nanxiang Old Street – Yigu Shanghai Cultural Creativity Park

Yigu Shanghai Cultural Creativity Park is a new highlight, where the uniquely-shaped MC New Materials Library is worth a gander. In addition, go for a treasure hunt at Nanxiang Old Street which is a throwback to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

Itinerary 2: Jiading Confucius Temple – Martial Arts Imperial Examination Museum - Liudao Island Scenic Area

Visit the facility that worships the greatest teacher in Chinese history and get a peek into how martial arts talents were selected through contests in ancient times.

Jiangnan Flavor

Cruise through classic gardens and green fields or visit homes on farms for a first-hand experience of typical countryside life in southern China.

Itinerary 1: Lijiang Orchard (strawberry) - Huating Renjia, Maoqiao Village – Wanjinyu Farm

In this spring season, collect ripe fruits and cook dishes with the vegetables fresh from fields. At Maoqiao Village, old and new homes stand shoulder to shoulder, picking up each other.

Itinerary 2: Guyi Park - Wisteria Park – Zhouqiao Scenic Area (Huilongtan , Qiuxiapu)

This itinerary features many quaint and classic attractions best for those looking for a laidback day. A spring outing in nature with quaint and classic attractions for company will make you want to linger.


Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotel (to be opened on June 1, 2014)

The Hotel is located in Jiading's Juyuan Xincheng. It offers 338 rooms and suites. Its 21 well-appointed meeting rooms measure 3,700 square meters in total.
Add: Juyuan Xincheng, 66 Jiatang Highway, Jiading District
Tel +86 21 39928888

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting

The Hotel is ideally located very close to Shanghai International Circuit and Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. It offers 415 spacious guestrooms, three gourmet restaurants, 11 meeting rooms, a large banquet hall that can accommodate 1,200 people, a members lounge with golf course views as well as a fitness center, catering to the needs of both business and leisure travelers.
Add: 6555 Boyuan Road, Anting Town, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 60713288

Great Tang Hotel

Located in Anting Town, the Hotel fronts onto a 18-hole golf course. It is adjacent to Shanghai International Circuit and is a 25-minute drive from Hongqiao Airport. It offers 1,162 guestrooms and nearly 30 meeting rooms.
Add: 4339 Bao'an Road , Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 39586666

CYTS Oriental International Hotel

The Hotel is located where the old and new sections of Jiading Town converge and is adjacent to subway Line 11. It offers luxurious guestrooms and suites as well as seven meeting rooms of different types.
Add: 1128 Yecheng Road, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 60366999

Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Jiading

Located in Jiading's CBD, the Hotel is a short stroll from Shanghai International Circuit. It offers 5 meeting rooms measuring 828 square meters in total. Its ballroom can accommodate up to 400 people.
Add: 3101 Shanghai Road, Jiading District
Tel: +86 2139916888

Jiading Hotel

The Hotel is ideally located in the center of the historic and cultural town of Jiading. It offers 108 guestrooms, Chinese and western restaurants, café, gym, KTV and sauna facilities. Jiading Gongguan, a distinctive Chinese restaurant, serves up a wide selection of gourmet creations.
Add: 100 Bole Road, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 59525512

Yingyuan Hotel

The Hotel offers 239 upmarket suites and standard guestrooms, over 10 meeting rooms and function rooms of different sizes, and Chinese/Western/Japanese restaurants which can seat more than 1,200 diners in total. It is a perfect choice for stay, meetings, seminars and recreation.
Add: 150 Qinghe Road , Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 59520952

Blue Palace Hotel

The Hotel offers 202 suites and standard guestrooms, meeting rooms of different sizes and a 460-square-meter pillarless function room that can accommodate 400 people. It also has a 300-square-meter-plus plaza best for all sorts of alfresco activities.
Add: 125 South Bole Road, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 59161000

Recommended Venues/Attractions

Wind Tunnel Flying Experience Center, Shanghai International Circuit

This is the first double-layer, double loop vertical wind tunnel in China. The upper layer is 3.6m in diameter, while the lower layer, 4.2m. The facility covers an area of 400 square meters. Now open to the public.
Add: 2099 Yining Road, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 60548326

Shanghai International Karting World

It boasts International Class A Karting tracks recognized by FIA. Enthusiasts can both watch exciting races and have adrenalin rush onboard a Karting.
Add: 2099 Yining Road, Anting Town , Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 69569717

Enhance Anting Golf Club

Located inside Shanghai International Auto City in Anting's core area, its project is a brilliant masterpiece of the world's top golf designers. Its facilities include members activity center, health center, conference room, and banquet room, professional golf training center and a Crowne Plaza property, catering to various needs for entertainment, leisure and business.
Add: 6555 Boyuan Road, Anting Town, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 61401055

Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center (SAEC)

SAEC is a modern facility capable of accommodating auto-related exhibitions, meetings and product launch events. It is located in beautiful Auto Park, where enthusiasts can test-drive various cars on roads of different conditions.
Add: 7565 Boyuan Road, Anting Town, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 69550222

Auto Museum

China's first museum devoted to automobiles now has two sections – History Hall and Antiques Hall – showcasing automobile's century-long evolution with 70 classic cars on display. Replicas of vintage cars impress with their fine workmanship. Among the exhibits are the replica of Carl Benz's first car ever manufactured in the world as well as China's first-generation sedan Red Flag CA72.
Add: 7565 Boyuan Road, Anting Town, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 69550055

Jiading Confucius Temple

Located in South Avenue of Jiading, the temple traces its origin to Southern Song dynasty of the 13th century. Paying homage to the greatest teacher of all time who's been worshipped by the nation for millennia, the temple is a symbol of the town getting "educated". Housed in the temple is China Keju Museum, which provides a rich collection of exhibits shedding light on dynastic China's 1,300-year-old imperial examination system designed to select competent court officials.
Add: 183 Zhen Nan Avenue, Jiading Town
Tel: +86 21 59919581

Nanxiang Old Street

A laidback stroll on this flagstone-paved historic street yields flanks of quaint old courtyard homes of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It features three bridges dating back to Ming dynasty – Taiping, Jili and Xinglong. Foodies don't want to miss the steamed meat buns and the traditional alfalfa cake.
Add: Renmin Street, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 59125503

Guyi Garden

This state 4A-class scenic spot dates from the 16th century. Spanning an area of 10 hectares, it's the biggest of the five classic gardens in the Shanghai region. Beautiful attractions abound inside the garden. Flower fiends can make the most of the peony and lotus flower exhibitions organized here very spring and autumn. Take a stroll and you'll have a better idea of what traditional Chinese gardening is all about.
Add: 218 Huyi Road, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 59122225

Malu Grapes Park

This theme park as a vineyard is the site for Malu Grape Festival. Here, travelers can sample grapes of different varieties, learn about unique farm produce and folkloric art, enjoy farm cuisine, commune with nature and get involved in physical labor.
Add: 29 Dazhi Road, Jiading District, Malu Town
Tel: +86 21 59511816

Huating Renjia

There is no shortage of interesting attractions on this core zone of Jiading's modern agricultural park, which allow tourists to plant veggies, collect grapes, taste melons and go fishing. Visit this national exemplary model of agricultural tourism to get close to farm and nature.
Add: 518 Shuangzhu Road, Huating, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 59975427

Jiading Tourist Information and Service Center

Add:68 Shaxia Rd, Jiading District
Tel: +86 21 59912999

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