Confucian Temple

No. 215 Wenmiao Rd., Shanghai
+86 21 6377 9101, +86 21 6377 1815
Ms. Yong Jiang


Although there has been a Confucius temple in Shanghai as early as 1267, today's temple was built at its current site in 1855. Offering quiet refuge from the crowded streets of the old Chinese city, the temple, like all Chinese Confucian temples, features a lingxin men (gate) leading to the main hall, Dacheng Dian. To the northeast, the Zunjing Ge, formerly the library, now houses a display of unusually shaped rocks. Southeast of Dacheng Dian, Minglun Tang was a former lecture hall, the Ruxue Shu (Confucian Study Hall) is now a small teapot museum, and back near the entrance, Kuixing Ge is a three-story 20-meter-high pagoda dedicated to the god of liberal arts, and the only original structure left on these tranquil grounds.

Probably the most popular heritage site in the downtown, the temple often hosts fashions shows and releases, incentive tours, annual meetings of trans-continental companies, because this place is a blend of not only modern and ancient cultures, but also a western and eastern cultures. 



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